Handmade in Twin Falls, ID

Handmade, Plant-Based Skincare for All of Life’s Adventures!

Always made with pure, premium ingredients you can trust. No hidden ingredients. No compromises on quality.


Wood River Naturals started in Hailey, ID with a new mom and a passion for a healthier home. After having her first child, owner & formulator Kira Gray wanted to reduce her family’s exposure to harmful ingredients and still be able to use effective, premium products that were fresh and safe. It was hard to find affordable options, so she started making her own high quality all natural products that her family would use on a regular basis.

This quickly turned into a hobby and then developed into a bigger passion of helping others have easy access to affordable, premium, plant-based skincare here in Idaho. She currently has a line of over 30 products and is working on formulas for many more. You can find a variety of things for every family member ranging from lotions, scrubs, beard oil, bug spray, bite relief, diaper cream, vapor rub, fist aid salve, and more!

Everything is handcrafted in small batches, as ordered. This allows for a fresher product and helps to avoid using harsh preservatives. All fragrances and colors are 100% natural and plant-derived. Great care is taken when making each batch and you get a custom hand-made product every time!



Most products are made without synthetic preservatives as we use mainly oil-based formulas. We do have a few water-based products that require a mild preservative to keep you safe. In these products, we only use two different preservatives that are both paraben, sulfate, and formaldehyde free. Because they are milder, safer options, we still recommend products containing them are used within 12 months of purchase to avoid spoilage and bacterial growth (which is a natural occurrence in any water-based product).

We like to limit our use of plastic and are always searching for more sustainable materials to use in our packaging. We use a variety of glass bottles and jars, and some aluminum and tin containers. Our black PET plastic jars are made from 100% post-consumer materials and are recyclable. We also use 100% compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable cardboard tubes for our lip balms and salves.
We are a true small business and rely on the support of our local community to succeed. We thank you for your support!

Local Customers: Save your glass jars! Clean them and return to us for  $1 off your next order!

SHIPPING NOTE: We charge a flat rate for shipping.

If the actual cost to ship (including postage and packaging supplies) is less than the specified amounts below, we will REIMBURSE the difference. If the actual costs are above what is specified below, we will absorb the difference. It is always a great idea to order multiple items at a time or to combine an order with a friend to get the best value.

USA – $15 per order

Canada – $45 per order

International – $60 per order


We do wholesale orders upon request (note: shipping rates are different from above and will fluctuate depending on the size of the order). If you’d like to inquire about bulk ordering, please contact info@woodrivernaturals.com and we will get back to you promptly with our most up to date pricing and product info.